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Maximum Operating Depth

Maximum Operating Depth (part 2)

scuba cylinders markings

As I said earlier, it is vital to analyse your diving cylinders prior to go out diving. It is so important that there is a sort of ‘accepted’ way of doing it while keeping the KISS principle. Keeping it Super Simple so easy to read and identify as to avoid any confusion.
Unless you have a Marking Identification Team like this one, be careful!! :)

Where to put the tank labels?

Once it is establish what kind of gas you have and what Maximum Operating Depth or Targeted Operating Depth is accepeted by the team, it is time to take out your marking tape and the PERMANENT marker!!! I insist on the fact the marker has to be permanent for obvious reasons!
Let’s analyse the next series of images as they speak for a thousand words…
Marking is team work and responsibility.
Depending on the dive conditions, labels have to be readable from any position.
So here you have an idea of what deco cylinder labeling is all about.
When technical or/and mix gas diving in open ocean, confusion is the last thing we want to get to.
During the NOTOX switch things must go smoothly and without confusion or assumption… As we say, assumption is the Mother of ALL f&*%@ ups!
A clear protocol and pre-dive check list must be followed. I know some of you reading this blog entree may not agree with where I put my deco tank labels and that’s fine. What works for me does not necessarily works for you.
When I came up with placing the neck label on the oposite side of the bottom one, I was sure it was making more sense to me and it has so far proven very good. SO good that it has been approved by a very famous IT  from IANTD who I have a lot of respect for. Nothing new, just improved ideas! :)
Thanks Paul V Toomer from Dive Matrix Malta.
Essential Scuba Labeling
Notice the piece of art I did with Photoshoops, it is a greate tool to pass along a message with a picture.
In this image it is easy to see what I am talking about. The neck label and the bottom label are in opposite places and easy to read in big characters.
Marking Bottom part of dive/deco cylinder
With just the MOD and a personal mark to identify that, this it is indeed your own tank, this label states only what’s important.
Marking Neck of deco/dive cylinder
And for the neck, we keep things as simple and clear to read, for the self identification and also to allow for positive switch if buddy is on the right hand side. In heavy current and strong seas it is not easy nor safe to move around during deco.
Note that the diver here, placed the percentage of the mix as well as the MOD. Small enough characters not to create confusion during NOTOX switch.
Hope you found this information useful and will feel interested in posting a comment or two.
Talk to you soon!

By Jason Renuox

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