Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Side Mounts Diving

Try something new
Dive With Side Mounts

Sidemount Distinctive Specialty Diver Course has boomed in recent months. Recreational divers love it because it introduces the benefits of diving with twin cylinders and gives them a taste of technical diving without all the theory and skills required for decompression diving.  

Side mount isn’t new, but it has undergone rapid equipment evolution.  Kiting up is easier as you put each cylinder on in the water. This will appeal to anyone with back issues, or other injuries.

Side mount is the new “cool” way of using doubles cylinders.This means that divers put a single cylinder on each side of the body instead of two on their backs.  
With long no stop dive times you achieve with a dive computer and enriched air, using two cylinders doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making a decompression dive.  It’s a great option for underwater photographers or any divers who want increased bottom time in shallower depths.  Want to learn more look at the side mount diving link.

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